Here at Adele Smith Entertainment we have a revolutionary approach to film making. We believe that it is not the expensive equipment that makes a great film, but it is the person behind the camera that makes the difference.

            Time is money and neither time nor money should be wasted during the course of a production.

             I am a firm believer in simplifying the shooting process. For years I have used a basic HD digital camera that gives superior audio and video quality. I am a point shoot type of film maker.

            Our sets are fun friendly and fast paced. Working with us will probably be strange for those who have worked with other more traditional film makers, but our films speak for themselves in quality and entertainment value.

         We support independent film making! At Adele Smith Entertainment we continue to utilize new techniques of production that help independent film producers keep the quality high and the budget low.

                                         Because of Rachel

                                   Seventeen Minutes to Death


                       How To Not Get Killed By a TV Bad Guy

                                      In the Days of Dragons

 "All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made."

~ John 1:3